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Important Note

MysqlTool was written by Abraham Ingersoll, Joseph Ingersoll and others of Dajoba, LLC. I had no involvement in its development other than suggestions and bug reports. I am providing it on this web site as the Dajoba web site is apparently no longer available.

MysqlTool is provided on an AS-IS basis with NO WARRANTY and NO SUPPORT.

If you have trouble with MysqlTool, PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL ME ABOUT IT. I do NOT have the answers to your problems.


MysqlTool provides a web interface for managing one or more MySQL server installations. Designed as a graphical alternative to the mysql command line program, 'the tool' supports most administration functions such as 'GRANT', 'REVOKE', 'CREATE', 'ALTER' & 'SHOW'. Written entirely in perl, MysqlTool runs best under the Apache HTTP Server with mod_perl, but should work just as well as a CGI on any perl-supported platform. MysqlTool is licensed under the GPL. Version, 0.95 was the eighth public release.

MysqlTool is believed to be no longer under active development.



MysqlTool documentation is provided in perldoc format. After installing MysqlTool, run "perldoc mysqltool" to view.


MysqlTool is made available under the terms of the Free Software Foundation's General Public License, Version 2.

Source code: MysqlTool-0.95.tar.gz ( 44K)

Last updated November 6, 2006
by Bill Gerrard
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